TOSHIBA 55M7463D PE1168 V28A001525A1 EMMC DUMP

toshiba 55m7463d pe1168 v28a001525a1 emmc dump eeprom main board MAINBOARD PE1168 V28A001525A1 PROGRAMMER TNM5000 ISP INFO EMMC READ THGBMAG5A1JBAIR EMMC Firmware ISP INFO READ EMMC PROGRAMMER TNM5000 READ EMMC MAINBOARD PE1168 V28A001525A1 Programmer ISP Cable EMMC pinISP PIN 1 CMDISP PIN 3 RST-n(Reset) (mandatory)ISP PIN 5 CLK (Clock)ISP PIN 6 DAT0ISP PIN 8, 10 VSS […]


lobod lf32dn5319 smart tp.mt5510s.pb802 emmc bin firmware download BOARD TV TP.MT5510S.PB802 PROGRAMMER TNM5000 ISP READ EMMC PROGRAMMER TNM5000 READ EMMC successfully BOARD TP.MT5510S.PB802 crystal 24.000 MHz PINS 1 and 2 connect with GND. tv must be in 220v plug. and read EMMC. no need for extra voltage. 3.3v and 1.8v. for reading EMMC TNM5000 ISP […]