Radio Navigation System MCD 24c32 file eeprom Download

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radio model Radio Navigation System MCD

Radio Navigation System MCD 24c32 file eeprom Download

board radio

read SDA SCL here board Radio Navigation System MCD. programmer CH341A

act as picture post. connect the radio 12v + the radio should be turned on. to read eeprom radio install the programmer wires Cable (CH341A) on radio board to read eeprom. after reading and encoding the radio remove the Wires Cable of the Programmer (CH341A) from the radio board. the radio should be removed from 12v + after you have encoded. wait 1 minute. again connect the radio 12v + turn on the radio try the code. that you have coded.

only at you can find a lot. how to repair the TV. radio code.
how to remove radio code how to find radio code eeprom can download tv software
can download eeprom radio eeprom dvd tv and many more. Thank you for visiting our site.

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for the radio code procedure read eeprom. watch the video for more info👇👇👇😊😊


File Description File size Downloads
rar 24C32 HERE Download code 1264
1 KB 321
rar 24C32 HERE Download CODE 1934
1 KB 295

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Paulo Rodrigues
Paulo Rodrigues
1 month ago


Boa tarde, nesta pen, qual é o pin SDA e o SCL?
Podem ajudar a identificar?

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