Ugoos AM6 firmware Android Download AM6 Pro v 0.2.7 AM6 OTA 0.2.7

July 18, 2020
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ugoos am6 firmware Android Download AM6 Pro v 0.2.7 AM6 OTA 0.2.7

for Ugoos AM6/AM6 Pro v 0.2.7 (AM6 0.2.7 & AM6 ota 0.2.7)

This update will not come via OTA automatically. You need manually install this update in order to use it. Using release candidate firmware you still will be able to update your device via OTA, if you want to continue using automatic stable updates.


1. Fixed audio clicks in AV port
2. Added mouse settings to TvSettings
3. Added experimental ability use mouse as touch input
4. Video Picture Settings. Disabled system automatic frame rate function
5. Video Picture Settings. Fixed bugs of hue setting
6. Video Picture Settings. Removed sharpness setting
7. Video Picture Settings. Added setting for disabling all video effects and optimizations
8. Fixed some buttons in Chrome
9. Samba Server. Changed storage names
10 Fixed crash of Bluetooth settings when a device connected

11. Added support ext4, NTFS, exFAT for SD cards in recovery mode
12. Added support ext4 for USB storages in recovery mode
13. Added support of multiple storages (partitions) in recovery mode if use System Update application
14 Fixed automatic update error with expanded storage
15. Fixed some crashes of System Update application