February 7, 2022
image color
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17mb211 panel software vesundsn41t 17MB211 PANEL SOFTWARE VESUNDSN41T

image not

if you have changed panel. is software for color adjustment also for images?

this software is for main board vestel 17mb211 for panel adjustment if you have changed the panel or firmware or main board also does not fit the panel. with this (software panel) you can adjust it


press on the remote control MENU press on the remote control CODE 4725. after entering (menu service) in USB insert two files (pcf.bin) and (ptf.bin) after downloading. USB must be inserted in the TV. scroll down the menu where you wrote (USB Operations) press on the remote control OK wait 10 seconds then unplug the TV. plug it in again, turn on the tv and the tv panel will change