65pus8601 left screen litle darker then the right side

August 25, 2021
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Hi All,

I hace a question about a problem with the screen image. When powerup the TV, the screen will be oke for 20 a 30 seconds, after this time the screen on the left will be darker then the right side. This will be continue unless we turn off the screen and in the menu (only screen off while TV still on) the screen will be normal for about 20 a 30 seconds and stay until the TV will be power-off or disable the screen in the menu. I suspect when the Edge LED are not oke, then the screen will be on the left side continue darker by power-up. Dit somebody experience the same problem with the 65pus8601, chassis is use QM151E. Hope that somebody can help me with this, thanks in advanced.

Regards Mattie Moest