SUNNY SN49DLK27/0216 HK.T.RT2841P831 18TA027 FIRMWARE

SUNNY SN49DLK27 0216

sunny sn49dlk27/0216 hk.t.rt2841p831 18ta027 firmware HK.T.RT2841P831 18TA027 PANEL LG49 insert USB into your pc. download software after download unzip. copy the firmware file and insert it into USB, USB must be fat32 format. remove USB from pc. The TV must be unplugged. after you insert the USB into the TV. plug the TV into the […]

SUNNY SN32DIL13/0216 Firmware Download 18AT013. hk.t.rt2841P631

SUNNY SN32DIL13 0216

sunny sn32dil13/0216 Firmware android Download 18at013. HK.T.RT2841p631 tv model SN32DIL13/0216 if your TV does not start. appears on the screen just by rotating the letters. even does not continue. TV Your has a problem. firmware. if your TV only has the power light and it doesn’t turn on. 90% is for software BOARD SUNNY android […]