Egreat A5 TV Box firmware v2.0.1.0 beta Download

June 7, 2020
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Download Android Nougat 7.0 beta stock firmware for egreat a5 tv box

This firmware is for Egreat A5 TV Box with HiSilicon hi3798cv20 as cpu.

Egreat A5 TV Box Firmware Download

Firmware details
Archive: A5BD_EN_N_Firmware_20180814_v2.0.1.0beta
Model: Egreat A5 TV Box
Image file size: 494 MB
Platform: HiSilicon HI3798CV20
Image name:
Inside archive: firmware + bootargs.bin + fastboot.bin +recovery.img
Firmware version: beta
Build number: HiSTBAndroidV6/Hi3798CV200/Hi3798CV200:7.0/NRD90M/root08141545:eng/release-keys

Firmware upgrade instructions
This version firmware has three ways to update, user data won’t be wiped. Settings –> About –> OTA Update
1.OTA Update. The device will upgrade to newest firmware after you connect internet.
2.USB Update.
3.Forced refresh/recovery system.

The instructions to force to recovery the firmware
1.Please download the forced recovery firmware, the forced recovery firmware contains the following 4 files:, fastboot.bin, recovery.img, bootargs.bin
Please do not modify the file names and copy these four files to the root directory of the U-disk of FAT32 disk format.
2.Cut off the power supply of this machine, inset the U-disk into the USB2.0 interface of this machine, with a slender hard object (something like the clip after expansion) to insert into the RST small round hole, keep holding down the RST key in RST round hole not loosened, turn on the machine power after holding down the RST button.
3.Keep the posture, release the RST button until the TV screen appears the prompt (the green android small robot animation icon) of being forced refresh/recovery system, the system will automatically complete the forced refresh/recovery system process.
4.Please be patient, after the forced refresh/recovery system is completed, this machine will automatically restart, after restart, the player can be normally put into use.

1.The beta firmware is just for someone who wants to try or test.
2.It only supports force to recovery the system, please click here to check the instruction.
3.This beta firmware will erase all data after you recovery the system. So please double think before you try it.
4.If you want to be back on Android 5 system, you need force to recovery the system with A5BD_EN_Firmware_20180529_v1.2.9.1_pd.rar firmware firstly, then upgrade to any version A5 Android 5 firmware.

Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.
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