LA.MV56U.A software motherboard universal Download

May 31, 2020
LA.MV56U.A software motherboard iniversal
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la.mv56u.a software motherboard iniversal

model LA.MV56U.A motherboard iniversal

jump cap

for more info go to this link. here (Info)

SERVICE MODE MENU, math board universal tv, press on remote control. menu. then the code. 1147

SERVICE MODE MENU first press on remote control “input” button and then press the code 2 5 8 0 .

for more info. how to install this motherboard. on tv watch the video below


File Description Added by File size Downloads
rar LA.MV56U.A software1 64 MB 711
rar LA.MV56U.A software2 99 MB 465
rar LA.MV56U.A software3 129 MB 435
rar LA.MV56U.A software4 102 MB 384
rar LA.MV56U.A software5 104 MB 447