MSD338STV5.0 firmware Download Motherboard Android

June 20, 2020
MSD338STV5.0 Board firmware Download
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msd338Stv5.0 firmware Download Motherboard Android

MSD338STV5.0 Board firmware Download

SD338STV5.0 Board firmware Download

The TV MSD338STV5.0 Board (on the picture) have unique updated TV tuner with any chip, therefore it uses new code (Universal MSD338STV5.0 Board coding system got to have altogether model ), it is used the code for the recent type of MSD338STV5.0 Board, then TV tuner not works within the slightest degree. With the new code for R840, TV works amazingly clean and nice, with analog channels of the cable network.

it’s like older MSD338STV5.0 Board is created generally for 16:9 and 4:3 relation screens. there is not code support for various laptop’s typical 16:10 relation screens (ex. no support for 1280×800), this resolution is supported in another board pack supplemental on prime of. However, I accustomed be ready to notice Universal MSD338STV5.0 Board laptop code for 16:10 screens, the unfortunate device wasn’t operative with them.
Firmware unit of measurement depicted Universal MSD338STV5.0 Board microcode
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