Onkyo HT-R494 AVR Remote & Front Panel All Buttons not working including Volume + Standby

August 19, 2020
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Dear All,

It was last Sunday My Onkyo HT-R494 got frozen.

It’s all front panel all buttons  including volume + Standby & also remote stopped working all of a sudden.

It was already connected with my TV through CEC HDMI ARC, So can be On /Off through TV only and there is no issue with sound and video.
I don’t have any Onkyo service centre and professional engineer in my city. Could you please help me out if possible.
I checked the Datasheet and flowchart where I found >>If all buttons do not work then wiring from MMP to buttons NG.

But, I checked thoroughly and there was no issue with the wiring at all.

I also tried pressing standby button and then plugged in, No luck



Kind regards