EEPROM MASCA Eprom / eeprom

Eprom / eeprom     The following are examples of chips     EEPROM     – 24c02= b58258     – 24c02= b58293     – 24c02= b58383     – 93c46= b58323     – 93c46= b58097     – 93CS46 = 58221     EPROM     – b57696= 27c256     – b57519= 27c256     – b57604= 27c256     – b57701= 27c256 […]

FUEGO 50ELU610ANDT P150-2851V6.2 EMMC Firmware

fuego 50elu610andt p150-2851v6.2 emmc Firmware download board t-con board MODEL BOARD P150-2851V6.2 firmware emmc p150-2851v6.2 emmc pinout p150-2851v6.2 PROGRAMMER TNM5000 READ EMMC emmc pinout ISP PROGRAMMER TNM5000 ISP INFO READ EMMC PROGRAMMER TNM5000 READ EMMC Programmer ISP Cable EMMC pinISP PIN 1 CMDISP PIN 3 RST-n(Reset) (mandatory)ISP PIN 5 CLK (Clock)ISP PIN 6 DAT0ISP PIN […]

Samsung UE39F5000 power supply no start no backlight

board power

fault description: * red LED flashes * if I disconnect the Main Board (MB) from the source board, the backlight does not light up !!! * all LEDs / number 91 / are OK * I checked all the capacitors * I checked all the diodes * I checked all the FETs * measured voltage […]

Audi Navigation plus AUZ1Z1C 4b0 035 192k 24C32 code

AUDI navigation plus auz1Z1c 4b0 035 192k 24C32 EEPROM code Download AUDI PLUS NAVIGATION CODE act as picture post. connect the radio 12v + the radio should be turned on. to read eeprom radio install the programmer wires Cable (CH341A) on radio board to read eeprom. after reading and encoding the radio remove the Wires […]

LG tv switching to standby LG-RZ- 17LZ10

Hi I have an LG-RZ- 17LZ10 lcd tv which is switching to standby 2 to 3 seconds after switching on.External 12volt s.m.power supply is testing ok and I`ve substitutued it with a 12 volt workshop supply.Any help would be much appreciated,Isuspect it`s switching to standby due to it detecting a fault?

Samsung TV Thin Black Vertical Line UN65NU6900 QLED

Samsung TV Thin Black Line Problem

I have a Samsung UN65NU6900 QLED TV that has this super annoying thin black line running straight down the middle of screen – and I can’t figure out how to fix it myself (or if it’s even possible). I’ve seen video’s online but none of them address this particular picture problem. They suggest removing the […]