SAMSUNG QE65Q7FNAT QLED Horizontal screen lines repair success

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samsung qe65q7fnat qled tv Horizontal screen lines repair success

tv model QE65Q7FNAT QLED

Horizontal screen lines


now we have disconnected the ribbon connectors. to have no contact with the screen. why the screen on the left side tv. as the tv is open. there is a problem with the ribbon screen that connects to the board on the left side as in the picture

for more info. video

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Kingsley Bob Tew
Kingsley Bob Tew
6 months ago

Hi,I have a 88inches curve tv Samsung tv was talking not coming up but comes up at so when we open it up the rebound flex has moisture in it and the board too so we just need the flex and the boards to fix it pls right top useful information about where to get it pls

Last edited 6 months ago by Kingsley Bob Tew
6 months ago

Thank you for your video.
I have the same problem but on 3/4 of the tv and not on 1/4 as on yours.
Should I do the same as you or increase the amount of scotch ?
Thanks for your help

Jorge Centeno
Jorge Centeno
2 months ago

Hi I currently have a Samsung q7f qled tv but the setup inside is different
any way you can help me out or post a video on it please
i have horizontal lines in the bottom of my screen

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