Samsung ue48j5500

July 3, 2020
IMG 20200703 142106 8
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Hello to all the guys! / E of the forum, I am new and I hope to find help to fix my Smart TV, I moved it from one room to another and in the evening I turn on and I have a black screen with audio, I have it disassembled to understand, the capacitors are not swollen, the transistors have all the right voltages, while in the primary power supply I believe, I am not a technician, I have on the one hand in the 4 connections 55v in each, so the 220 I believe there are, on the other side in 2 of the 4 nothing, could this be the problem? I also put photos, since the LEDs turn on all, both with T-con disconnected of the three hooks, both with 2 or with one.IMG 20200703 142126 9IMG 20200703 142126 9 1IMG 20200703 142106 8