SAMSUNG UE55C8790 Backlight flickering Hello together and

January 9, 2021
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First of all, hello together and thank you for adding me here.

Love Forums like this which save our environment EARTH, by helping to repair things and not throwing them away even they are repairable.

But I’m also here because of a problem with my older Samsung UE55C8790 LCD 3D TV.

It worked mostly fine for the last 9 years, but now the backlight starts to flicker horrible.

Also there is a hissing crisping noise from the right site. Picture is still there without any fails.

So it seems for me it’s only the backlight which has a problem. My guess is a problem with the power supply.

I did not opened the TV right now so I don’t know if the voltages are fine.

Now my question are there anyone which had the same problem or any Idea about my problem?

Will open the TV tomorrow and have a first look and will also messure the power supply.

Appreciate any help or comments.

Kind Regards.