TOSHIBA 32W1333G 17MB96S Software Download

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TOSHIBA 32W1333G 17MB96S Software Download

main board 17MB96S vestel

panel nr LTA320AP33

Software Process, Unzip it and copy it the USB (upgrade_mb90.bin), Power off by removing the power cable or adapter from the TV and after that plug in the USB with the loader Software into the TV.
On the remote control press and hold the OK button. Now Plug in the power cable. TV and wait until the light is showing power and blinks faster. If it is blinking faster that means that it is installing the software from the USB you inserted. Now you have to wait until the TV turns on the display, do not unplug your TV until this software has been installed completely

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TOSHIBA 32W1333G 17MB96S Software


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